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My name is Berrie Pelser, since 1999 co-owner of Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.

Our company is been grown to a full service bureau for complete managed business internet sites that we are hosting in our own secure and fast Cloud.

We are specialized in WordPress, search engine optimization, social media integration and social media strategy.

I co-founded my company, Ber|Art Visual Design, in 1999 as a web design firm. It has since grown into a full-service agency for maintaining complete corporate websites hosted by Ber|Art in a secure and fastcloud environment. I am a strategic partner of S3.

I inspired the creation of S3Buzz, and have made many significant contributions to the development of the technology since its inception.

I can attest to the power of Buzz Marketing and it’s powerful effect as the “new SEO”. My frequent Buzz campaigns, focused on insightful infographics, have enabled many Buzzers to earn credits to help them create their own Buzz campaigns.

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Internet, WordPress, SEO, Google